EN14 Bar Range

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Technical Specifications

EN14 is a carbon manganese steel. It has a medium tensile and the chemical composition of 'EN14 makes it suitable for welding. EN14 is supplied to BS970 BS EN10083-1 specifications.

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EN14 Bar Range

0.125x0.125 x
0.036 x
0.50 x
0.562 x
0.625 x
0.75 x
1.25 x
16mm x
20mm x
25mm x
28mm x
30mm x
32mm x
35mm x
36mm x
38mm x
40mm x
42mm x
45mm x
50mm x
52mm x
55mm x
60mm x
65mm x
70mm x
73mm x
75mm x
80mm x
90mm x
95mm x
100mm x
110mm x
120mm x
125mm x
130mm x
130x130mm x
150mm x
170mm x
180mm x
200mm x
220mm x
230mm x
250mm x