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Technical Specifications

The 4130 Alloy Steel Bar contains Chromium and Molybdenum elements, and as a consequence, 4130 is often referred to in the industry by the name of Chromoly. 4130 Alloy Bars are widely utilised in the aviation and motorsport industries due to maintaining an exceptional strength to weight ratio. This product is extremely malleable and has useful weldable properties. These 4130 bars have a fine and smooth finish, and are highly resistant to oxidation.

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4130 Bar

THICKNESS 4130 Normalised D4 4130 Normalised D3 4130 Heat Treated F4 4130 Annealed
0.125 x
0.188 x
0.250 x x
0.250x1.000 x
0.250x4.000 x
0.313 x
0.375 x
0.438 x
0.500 x
0.500x0.750 x
0.500x1.250 x
0.625 x
0.625x1.500 x
0.750 x
0.750x0.750 x
0.750x1.000 x x
0.750x1.250 x
0.750x2.000 x
0.875 x
0.875x0.875 x
1.000 x x
1.000x1.250 x
0.625x1.500 x
1.000x1.500 x
1.000x1.750 x
1.000x2.000 x
1.000x2.500 x
1.000x3.000 x
1.125 x x
1.125x1.125 x
1.25 x
1.250x2.000 x
1.250x4.500 x
1.250x6.000 x
1.375 x x
1.5000 x x
1.500x2.000 x
1.000x2.000 x
1.500x4.000 x
1.500x5.000 x
1.625 x
1.750 x
2.000 x
2.000x2.500 x
2.000x3.000 x
2.000x4.000 x
2.125 x
2.250 x x
2.500 x
2.500x2.500 x
2.500x3.000 x
2.500x4.000 x
3.000 x
3.000x3.000 x
3.375 x x
3.500 x x
3.500x4.000 x
3.750 x
4.000x6.000 x
4.000x8.000 x
4.500 x
5.000 x
5.500 x
6.000x6.000 x
7.500 x x