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Alloy Steel - BS4 T45 to BS5 T100

Alloy Steel BS4 T45 to BS5 T100

High Strength Steel BS 4T 45 - Specification for carbon manganese steel tube (700 MPa) (Tube 12.5 mm outside diameter and greater) (Weldable)

Product description

BS 4T 45 or more commonly referred to as T45 is a British Standard Aerospace Series, high strength alloyed steel available in tube form.  Aerocom Metals hold one the largest ranges of T45 found anywhere, and is at the heart of years of developments with manufacturers in the UK and across Europe.  One noticeable trend with T45 is during our torsional testing, T45 provided a 24% increase in torsional rigidity compared to products like 4130 on a cage structure.  This can help where the dynamic response of a vehicle is beneficial.  This increase in stiffness can also help with the materials performance during impact and encroachment into an occupant’s area.

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The manganese content in carbon steels is often increased for the purpose of increasing depth of hardening and improving strength and toughness. Carbon steels containing over 1.2% up to approximately 1.8% manganese are referred to as carbon-manganese steels.

All Aerocom Metals T45 comes with our MICROFINISH giving an unparalleled clean surface. This can improve consistency in weld preparation, and dramatically save time when readying frames and structures for powder coating and finishing.

As a carbon manganese based alloy steel, BS T45 is readily weldable without concerning effects of any heat affected zones. Coupled with the sheet S515 and S514, T45 is extensively used in the construction of roll cages, safety cells, fuselages and chassis.

Technical Specification

SpecificationMaterialPublication Date
BS 4T 45Specification for carbon manganese steel tube (700 MPa) (Tube 12.5 mm outside diameter and greater) (Weldable)31/03/1972

BS4 T45 carries the exact same chemistry requirements as the British Standard Aerospace Series sheet S515 and S514 which is the perfect welding partner.

Technical Data

How strong is it? What's it made of?
SpecificationTensile StrengthYield StrengthElongation
T45700 Mpa Min620 Mpa Min-
ElementLower %Upper %
Columbium (Niobium)--

Aerocom Stock List

Wall Thickness (mm/inches)
Outside Diameter ( mm / Inches)0.71 / 0.0280.91 / 0.0361.00 / 0.0391.22 / 0.0481.42 / 0.0561.50 / 0.0591.63 / 0.0641.83 / 0.0722.00 / 0.0792.03 / 0.0802.64 / 0.1042.95 / 0.1163.25 / 0.1283.66 / 0.144
12.70 / 0.500XXXXX
15.88 / 0.625XXXX
17.00 / 0.669X
19.05 / 0.750XXXXXXX
20.00 / 0.787X
22.23 / 0.875XXXXXX
25.40 / 1.000XXXXXXX
28.58 / 1.125XXXXX
31.75 / 1.250XXXXXXX
34.93 / 1.375XXXXX
38.10 / 1.500XXXXXXX
40.00 / 1.575XXX
41.28 / 1.625XX
44.45 / 1.750XXXXXX
50.80 / 2.000XXXXX

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