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Offering the Most Competitive T45 Steel Tube Prices

Offering the Most Competitive T45 Steel Tube Prices

Offering the most competitive T45 steel tube prices

We offer T45 steel tube prices at some of the UK’s most competitive rates, ideal for buyers in the aerospace and motorsports industries. Find out more.

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Aerocom Metals is one of the longest established suppliers of specialist steel tubes in the UK. We stock a full range of products at very competitive prices, keeping them available for immediate purchase from our 25,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Coventry. We also ship nationally and worldwide if required.

Among our comprehensive product range are several specialist steel and aluminium alloys in a number of forms. Chief among our high-specification structural steel products is T45 tubing.

How do we keep T45 steel tube prices competitive?

We source all our products in the UK where possible, and maintain dynamic stocks at our warehouse. This allows us to bulk-buy our raw materials and take advantage of economies of scale that we can pass on to you.

Keeping stock in our warehouses means we’re able to supply the right product quickly, and our advanced storage facilities have the equipment to cut products to your specification on site.
This means we can keep costs down and turnover orders quickly, so you get what you need, when you need it.

Offering quality products without compromising T45 steel tube prices

Unfortunately, as with so much these days, there are cheap counterfeit products finding their way onto the market. So to ensure the best quality, your choice of supplier is key. Here at Aerocom, everything we produce meets the most rigorous standards.

As a supplier of materials for safety-critical applications, we understand quality is everything and corners can’t be cut. To be sure of the product, it should ideally be designated as BS4T45 and meeting BS4T100 standards, something we’re always happy to confirm.

It’s this quality requirement that’s at the foundation of our business. We also provide for full chemical analysis to be carried out on site, should it be requested.

For all the technical specifications of our T45 products, the details can be found on our website.

About Aerocom Metals

We started as a specialist supplier of materials for the aviation heritage sector. Now we supply the cutting-edge world of present day aerospace. We’ve also diversified into other areas, supplying high-performance steel and aluminium to maritime and sports automotive industries. We’re particularly involved in producing components for rollover protection in sports cars.

We stock a variety of high-strength steel products alongside T45 tubes, and include plate, bar and sheet products among our portfolio.

However, T45 remains at the core of our business and we’re proud to be acknowledged market leaders in this product due to our high quality and competitive pricing.

For more information about our T45 steel tube prices or to place an order, contact us online.

by Paul Smith

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