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Specialist Aircraft Tubing for Secure Flight

Specialist Aircraft Tubing for Secure Flight

Global suppliers of specialist aircraft tubing

In the modern aerospace industry, specialist aircraft tubing plays a vital role in the development and construction of reliable, fuel-efficient aircraft.

Modern day aircraft grade tubing has been evolved over time to provide the very best structural materials for safe flight.

Material science is a vital part of aircraft design. It’s not just about designing a structure that’s light and aerodynamic, the precise strengths and weight of every component must be considered to ensure safe operation. When designing an aircraft, it’s important to think about the strength and durability of all the materials being used and, as a consequence, the aviation industry has been a world leader in the development and production of composite metal products.

T45 specialist aircraft tubing

Among our range are several grades of aluminium and steel tubes such as T45 steel, which remains one of our most popular products. This is a carbon-manganese based alloy that has been hardened and tempered during the production process. It provides a remarkably high strength-to-weight ratio, and can withstand high levels of G force without snapping or tearing.

Needless to say this makes it an excellent product for the modern aviation industry, where it’s used for the crew seats of supersonic aircraft as well as a range of other internal structures on commercial airliners.

Another important consideration when choosing such materials is malleability. It’s pointless having a strong, lightweight product if it can’t be worked with the precision required, and this is another notable property of a good aviation grade metal alloy such as T45.

4130 tubing: tough, versatile and reliable

One of the most popular kinds of specialist aerospace tubing – and a firm favourite with American markets, in particular – is 4130 tube. Lengths of this impressive, low-alloy steel tubing can be extremely useful when you’re building, for instance, a framework or support system. For decades, 4130 tubing has been closely associated with the aerospace industry.

When you consider the qualities associated with 4130 grade steel, it’s easy to see why this material, with its carefully chosen alloying elements (such as chromium, which acts as a strengthening agent) and thermal treatments, is widely acknowledged as an excellent choice for aircraft construction projects. The many advantages of 4130 tubing include:

  • High strength
  • Ability to bear heavy loads
  • Relatively low weight
  • Durability
  • Ductility
  • Ease of welding
  • Resistance to oxidisation
  • Resistance to scaling
  • Streamlined finish

In some cases, it’s possible to achieve the required structural strength with thinner or narrower tubes than would be necessary if an inferior product, such as ordinary cold drawn seamless (CDS) tubing, was used instead. So, with 4130 tube you can reduce the weight of an aircraft without compromising its strength.

As you can imagine, generic, non-specialist tubing struggles to compete with its specialist counterparts, which have been designed to provide specific benefits in specific situations.

Global suppliers of specialist aircraft tubing

When producing aircraft parts, the highest quality standards are needed to ensure the materials will perform correctly in the most demanding of environments. Any imperfection in the metal, whether through impurity or poor milling, can compromise safety with potentially devastating consequences.

It’s ensuring this quality that sets Aerocom Metals apart. Our rigorous quality checks ensure only materials that are fit for purpose leave our factory. We inspect every product for pits in the metal, tears and laminations to reduce delays in production once customers have received their orders. Everything is supplied in protective wrapping to guard against contamination.

Supplying high quality, high strength steel tubing to a wide range of specifications has always been our primary focus. We are the largest UK stockists of BS4T45, T100, 4130 and S515 among others in sheet, plate, bar, and tube. Our products can be shipped internationally so, wherever you are in the world, we have the products to suit your aircraft building needs.

To find out more about our aircraft grade steel tubing, call us on +44 (0) 2476 645 551 or contact us online.

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by Paul Smith

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