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Superior Roll Cage Tubing Suppliers: What To Look For

Superior Roll Cage Tubing Suppliers: What To Look For

Finding the best roll cage tubing suppliers

Three key indicators mark out a roll cage tubing supplier as superior to market standards.

The foundation test of roll cage tubing lies in its safety performance, but this doesn’t mean compromising on aesthetics. The world’s sleekest sports cars still require roll cage tubing that adheres to the most stringent of safety standards, and a metal such as T45 is ideal for a thinner wall tubing construction that retains essential characteristics such as strength in performance and high resilience against pressure and impact.

How to choose roll cage suppliers

Review their raw materials

T45 tubing, with its high tensile strength and yield strength, is the premium option when it comes to roll cage tubing. Its ability to weigh in lighter without compromising on strength, along with its performance under the toughest conditions reflects how worthwhile it is as an investment.

CDS is also a more than adequate entry-level performer in roll cage tubing when working within a tighter budget.

Identify roll cage tubing suppliers working with these metals for roll cages with increased structural performance.

Look for innovative technology

A proficient steel manufacturer should understand that the key industries utilising roll cage tubing are constantly changing. The traditional roll cage construction method has been either bolt-in or the more robust weld-in method. Both of these offer solid safety protection, but as changing technology becomes more intelligent and adaptive, innovations such as extendable roll cage tubing and even pre-emptive sensors that monitor motion and pressure have come onto the market, with excellent results.

When it comes to supplying high-strength roll cage suppliers, look for steel manufacturers at the forefront of technological advances.

Talk to them

Knowledgeable t45 tube suppliers understand the various applications of their products for different vehicles in real world conditions. An agricultural tractor, for example, will simply require a roll cage that is functional in its purpose of strengthening the vehicle’s chassis. In this case, looks and weight are not necessarily important.

More sophisticated machines demand a blend of features that might include a lighter, thinner tubing wall, or for self-build enthusiasts, ease of construction and installation.

Choose internationally recognised roll cage tubing suppliers

At the very forefront of the high strength metal industry, Aerocom Metals has worked tirelessly to earn its reputation as a market leader. High strength steel tubing was and is the foundation stone of the business, and today Aerocom Metals manufactures steel tubing for industries as diverse as motorsports, farming, and aerospace.

With quality and safety inseparable from everything we do, clients across the globe know they can depend on Aerocom Metals for high performance, high strength materials, along with manufacturing methods that are second to none.

To find out more about our roll cage tubing or to place an order, call us today on +44 (0) 2476 645 551 or contact us online.

by Paul Smith

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