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Specialist Suppliers of Aircraft Sheet Metal

Specialist Suppliers of Aircraft Sheet Metal

British-made aircraft sheet metal

High-performance steel is essential for the manufacture of components vital to the aerospace industry. Aerocom Metals’ success in this area lies in the decision to specialise in a range of materials ideal for the aerospace industry that aren’t otherwise readily available in the UK.

Through continued development and a passion for British steel, we now offer an unrivalled service in the high-strength aircraft sheet metal market.

Specialising in the aerospace industry

In 2008, the steel industry began to change. Economic upheaval made it difficult for smaller consumers of specialist products to meet the order requirements for the high minimum volumes required by most suppliers, and the cost of specialist production in China.

This gap in the market presented an opportunity for Aerocom Metals, who sought to provide a reliable and cost-effective solution by manufacturing and supplying these specialist materials.
One of the key industries they served was the aerospace industry.

Specialist aircraft sheet metal

Aviation-grade low alloy steel sheets are designed from a specific combination of strengthening agents, metals, and carbon to create steel that is both malleable and strong. A carbon percentage of 0.30% gives the sheets a malleable quality ideal for manufacturing.
Once heat-treated, the metal develops the increased strength and endurance ideal for aerospace applications.

The presence of chromium makes the material more corrosion-resistant. This is a vital quality for aircraft sheet metal due to the various different weather conditions planes encounter during active service.

The recent growth in the aerospace market has seen Aerocom Metals move towards holding a larger, more dynamic stock base, where most products can be bought individually off the shelves of our warehouse. In doing so, we continue to meet our original goal of providing options to buy such products in minimal quantities, as well as the larger orders that suppliers usually look for.

British-made steel

British steel has a long reputation for excellence. Aerocom Metals was originally set up to supply high-strength steel tubes for use in heritage aircraft restoration projects, before later diversifying into aircraft sheet metals and other high specification products for use right across the aviation and automotive industries. Whilst those high-strength steel tubes continue to be at the heart of our present-day business, we have also moved beyond and now hold stocks of a range of specialist steel alloy and aluminium products, for high-strength and precision engineering purposes.

Lately, industry developments have allowed Aerocom to move into the American Aerospace Material Specification products market, bringing with it an expansion beyond steel tubing, and into plate, sheet, and bar products. The company continues to grow its reach in a structured way with recent expansion targeting the South East Asian market, with further international expansion a key part of our business model.

British aircraft sheet metal suppliers

Through careful development and a superior knowledge of the specialist metals marketplace, Aerocom Metals has built itself up to be a true success story for our times, proving that here, at least, is a British business that has found a niche market in an industry where times are tough and competition fierce.

We are the largest UK stockists of BS4T45, T100, 4130 and S515 among others, and we can cut and finish products to customer specification in our advanced processing shops. We offer next day deliveries for UK customers and offer expert advice and support.

For more information about our aircraft sheet metal, get in touch online or call us on +44 (0) 2476 645 551

by Paul Smith

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