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What Are the Advantages to Buying from British Steel Companies?

What Are the Advantages to Buying from British Steel Companies?

Quality British-made steel

The demand for steel is recovering quickly. The construction industry alone relies on steel for 75-90% of all buildings and. Likewise, other markets such as the aeronautical sector have a reliance on British steel, which plays a key role in product innovation and creation throughout this highly dynamic field.

In nearly all areas of use, quality and craftsmanship are of the utmost importance so that standards of safety and excellence are never compromised. Sourcing steel from the UK provides this guarantee, which can be relied upon due to several key factors outlined below.

British quality

What makes UK steel companies so highly knowledgeable is their unsurpassed and collective understanding of steel sourcing and manufacturing. This knowledge has passed from generation to generation, creating and sustaining a long-standing expertise that is unrivalled anywhere in the world.

British steel companies take every responsibility to ensure every client in every sector receives the highest quality, whether it’s in the form of raw materials or manufactured product.

Local suppliers

While British steel suppliers are strategically positioned to cater to clients in every sector on a global scale, this is also an advantage when supplying closer to home. Suppliers are easily contactable, and person-to-person negotiations on orders are much more readily accessible.

Another major advantage to sourcing steel from the UK is that prospective clients and their representatives can readily arrange on-site visits to suppliers, which is hugely helpful when bespoke orders are required and the particulars and details need to be fine-tuned.

Often, visiting a processing and manufacturing plant or steel warehouse will produce the solutions or answers a client is looking for whilst at the same time building strong and long-standing professional relationships. This understanding of each client’s needs creates a positive working exchange, making long-term projects and repeat orders infinitely easier and more smoothly integrated.


Rapid delivery is often a necessity for urgent projects in order to meet deadlines, and UK steel companies have always prided themselves on a fast, efficient and knowledgeable delivery network, both locally and globally.

A delivery fleet that knows the requirements and demands of every national and international safety standard, from packing to transit to order fulfilment, is just one feature of the UK steel industry’s distribution and delivery network.

On a local scale, a multitude of supplier sites throughout the length and breadth of the UK means prompt delivery is standard, with many companies fulfilling orders within 24 hours.

Local economy

China and other developing nations have experienced a boom in steel in recent years, which hit the UK steel market hard. The local economy has been slowed by competitive prices from overseas, generated by low labour and manufacturing costs. With these costs inevitably higher in the UK, it is by investing in locally sourced steel that the UK economy can benefit across the board, providing jobs, training and opportunities for growth in new technologies.

UK steel is a key component of the local manufacturing industry and the UK economy, generating billions of pounds of income every year. It is used so often and so variously that it is one of the building blocks of the world, and looks set to continue to be so well into the future.

Another massively advantageous and often overlooked element of the steel industry is how readily steel can be recycled. It is in fact the world’s most recycled material and the UK’s recycling statistics reflect this – more steel is recycled on British soil than all other recyclable materials combined, making it a material that eases the environmental pressure on numerous other energy and manufacturing resources.

UK steel provides quality assurances, accessibility, and provision to the local economy that is unmatched. Aerocom Metals, based in Coventry, is at the forefront of the UK steel industry, with a highly skilled workforce that understands the past, present, and future of British steel.

For superior British-made steel, call Aerocom Metals on +44 (0) 2476 645 551 or” get in touch online to talk to one of our sales team.

by Paul Smith

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