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T45 Steel Tube Properties and Applications

T45 Steel Tube Properties and Applications

T45 steel tube properties

What we know as British-standard T45 is a long-established structural material. When formed into tubes, this steel alloy offers the highest standard of strength and durability whilst maintaining a low weight and a high degree of workability.

T45 steel tubing is chief among the many high specification steel alloy products we produce. Like most of our products, its properties ensure it remains at the core of our product range, helping our customers to develop increasingly technical machinery and vehicles.

When was T45 steel tubing first produced?

The high strength and low weight of T45 steel means it is particularly appropriate for use in the construction of high-specification aircraft parts, the purpose for which it was originally developed more than sixty years ago.

First produced secretly for military purposes, the original use of T45 was in the fuselages of Spitfire and Hurricane aircraft, where its light weight and high-strength properties almost certainly helped to win the Battle of Britain – a fine testament to its integrity.

“It remains as integral to the aviation industry as it did when first developed.”

Whilst this is an impressive claim for any material, more remarkably, it hasn’t been eclipsed by new technological advances. It remains as integral to the aviation industry as it did when first developed.

T45 steel tube properties

British-standard T45 is a carbon-manganese based, cold-drawn seamless steel alloy, which has been hardened and tempered during the manufacturing process.

As a finished product, it’s easy to shape and weld. This, combined with its high strength and low weight, makes it one of our most versatile products.

T45 steel tubing is commonly used to make roll cages and chassis structures for motorsports vehicles, as well as pilot seats and other internal structures for aircraft, where it was found to withstand high G forces without breaking.

“We find that where the requirement is for a material designed to be used for purposes where faster, lighter, and stronger are the keywords, then T45 tubing is probably something you’ll want to look at.”

How is T45 tube made?

When it was originally developed, T45 tube was produced by milling, then machining to the required specifications. More recently, laser profiling is used to produce it to a greater level of precision.

The full name for T45 is BS4T45 – BS4T100. This should be considered when looking for a supplier, as other materials may be mistakenly branded as T45. To be certain, look for the full name and make sure it is marked up for aircraft use. Alternatively, simply buy the best from us at Aerocom Metals.

To guarantee the correct product, T45 tubing can be put through an anti-corrosion treatment process to lengthen its lifespan. It is also suitable for marking, where logos, part numbers, and branded messages are required.

About Aerocom Metals

From our initial trading days, T45 tubing has formed the core of our business. Our first projects involved the provision of high strength steel tubing for the restoration of the same Spitfires and Hurricanes for which the product was originally developed.

From those beginnings, we quickly found our niche in rollover protection systems for racing cars, as well as the modern aviation industry, where our products are used in the manufacture of interior structures for commercial airliners.

“Our first projects involved the provision of high strength steel tubing for the restoration of the same Spitfires and Hurricanes for which the product was originally developed.”

To meet the needs of our customer base, our ever-expanding product range is held in dynamic stock at our warehouse in the West Midlands.

We offer the anti-corrosion treatments described above, as well as a plating and marking service where text is required to be placed safely on the product.

On site we have a sawing centre enabling us to supply quantities of any of our steel or aluminium products to customer specification, off the shelf.

Aerocom Metals are an independent British steel manufacturer with international representation, including India, Malaysia, China, Japan, Greece, Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria. We remain market leaders in the supply of T45 steel tubing, which we count among our core products, though we’ve also diversified into bar, sheet and plate products.

For more information about T45 steel tube properties, call Aerocom Metals on +44 (0) 2476 645 551 or contact us here today.

by Paul Smith

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