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Aerocom Metals Supports Apprentice Engineers With Formula Student Competitions

Aerocom Metals Supports Apprentice Engineers With Formula Student Competitions

Supporting Formula Student Competitions

Aerocom Metals is dedicated to supporting apprentice engineers within the motorsport industry through sponsorship deals, discounted materials, and expert knowledge sharing.

We recognise that providing a helping hand to those representing the future of the industry is important to our continuing development and innovation in subsequent years.

Here’s a look at what Aerocom Metals offers, a brief understanding of the Formula Student competition, and some insight into how supporting apprentice engineers benefits the industry in the long run.

Aerocom Metals Ltd

We began trading in a small 3,500-sq ft warehouse and have gone on to open a 25,000-sq ft headquarters in Coventry. We conduct business across the globe, so from humble beginnings we’ve built a reputable brand that’s trusted and renowned for the quality and diversity of our products.

We specialise in aluminium and stainless steel sheet, plate, and tubing essential to the aviation and motorsports sector.

Chassis and roll cage tubing

Apprentice engineers benefit from our in-depth knowledge and experience in the creation of chassis and roll cage tubing. We use T45, which has a superb strength-to-weight ratio. This gives vehicles substantial weight but doesn’t sacrifice design or structural specifications.

T45 for the aviation industry

T45 has already proved its durability and strength in the aviation industry. In fact, it was an essential material for Spitfires and Hurricane fighter aircrafts during World War Two.

T45 is still used within some areas of aircraft, specifically within parts of the plane that require substantial safety structure.

We supply only the highest quality materials and are experts in producing roll cage tubing that meets the guidelines dictated by governing bodies. We’re also stockists of the unique British BS4T45 to BS5T100, which are available in over forty sizes. All materials are bespoke to the design and needs of the vehicle.

Formula Student Competitions

The annual Formula Student competition, run by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, is held at the Silverstone Circuit in Northamptonshire in July.

The event is held over four days and attracts thousands of attendees and students. It’s the most established motorsport competition within the educational sector, backed by the industry as well as notable engineers.

How does the competition work?

Formula Student invites universities from across the world to conceive, design and build a single-seat racing car that must be put to the test via static and dynamic events. These events check the endurance and performance of each vehicle.

However, it’s not just the vehicle that’s under scrutiny. The team must present the vehicle as though they are pitching to a manufacturing firm. Therefore, business and presentation skills are also a critical element of the competition.

Choosing a dynamic team that meets all facets of the criteria is crucial for a well-rounded final product. The tests cover the following areas:

1. Design, cost and sustainability and business
2. Presentation judging
3. Technical and safety scrutinising
4. Tilt test
5. Brake and noise test
6. Skid pad
7. Sprint
8. Acceleration
9. Endurance
10. Fuel economy

Teams are judged by industry specialists with years of experience in the above areas.

Support from industry

When you consider the comprehensive areas of testing, it isn’t difficult to understand why apprentice engineers require backing from industry experts. Support from leading stockists of materials, as well as business and financial advice is imperative.

Aerocom Metals understands that teams entering Formula Student may be the future of this industry, so investing in their development is crucial for the stability of motorsports and engineering as a whole.

As a company that started from humble beginnings, we understand how businesses grow and how products are refined through continued research, involvement in grassroots initiatives, and early endorsement of the engineers of the future.

To find out more about Aerocom Metals, our alloys, or our participation in the Formula Student competition, get in touch on +44 (0) 2476 645 551 or contact us online.

by Paul Smith

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