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Aerospace Metals: Why Aluminium?

Aerospace Metals: Why Aluminium?

Why Use Aluminium?

Aluminium is a metal often used in several different industries, as it’s very versatile and has a lot of interesting and unique properties. If you work in the aerospace industry, aluminium makes a great material to work with.

What Are the Properties of Aluminium?

Aluminium has a lot of great properties that make it versatile and great for use in many situations. For one thing, it has many of the great properties of metal, including conduction of electricity.

In fact, relative to its weight, it’s almost twice as good as copper for conducting electricity, so it’s often used in power transmission lines. While it does share some properties with other metals, it isn’t magnetic, which makes it safe to use in devices where a magnet would cause interference.

Lightweight but Strong

One thing that makes aluminium superior to other metals is its weight. It’s incredibly light, and comes in at about a third of the weight of steel. Despite its lightless, it’s also extremely strong.

Aluminium alloys can have tensile strength of between 70 and 700 MPa. This strength can even increase at low temperatures, unlike some metals which can become brittle in the cold. However, the strength of aluminium can decrease at high temperatures.

Easy to Process

Aluminium can be melted and processed in many ways, to make it into a variety of different things. It has a low melting point, and is highly ductile, making it easy to form into any shape you need.

It’s easy to work with a lot of machining methods, including bending, cutting, drilling and punching, and these machines will use less energy working with aluminium than they would with some other metals. It can easily be joined or welded to other parts.

Impermeable and Naturally Protected

Aluminium is often used in packaging for food, drinks and pharmaceuticals because of its permeability. It doesn’t let any light, taste or smell molecules in or out. It’s also non-toxic and doesn’t release any aroma or taste of its own. But as well as being impermeable to food, it can also screen electromagnetic radiation, making it good for use in some technologies.

Aluminium is naturally resistant to corrosion, as it makes its own oxide coating. This can be improved further with treatments such as painting, lacquering or anodising.

What does Aerocom use Aluminium for?

Aluminium is one of the best choices for an aerospace metal. Its high strength can withstand the high pressures of the atmosphere, and the fact that it’s so much lighter than other metals reduces the weight of an aircraft drastically, which is vital.

Its malleability means it can be used for several different purposes on the aircraft, from the exterior to many internal components. Beyond the structural components, aluminium can also be used for interior items, such as chairs. Using aluminium in favour of any other heavier material wherever possible can massively reduce the weight and allow more room for other items.

Aerocom supplies aluminium in several different forms for lots of different purposes, including aluminium in sheets, plates, bar or tubes, in varying grades and tempers.

Aluminium 2024 is a high strength aluminium alloy and is incredibly versatile. Its high strength, fatigue resistance and good machinability make it good for use in components of aircrafts, as well as many other industries such as heavy vehicles and yachts. This alloy works well with a number of different welding techniques including seam, flash or spot welding.

Aluminium 6061 sheets have some of the best properties of aluminium, making them incredibly versatile. It can be used in machine parts, aircrafts, trucks, and more, for anything where a strong, corrosion-resistant material is needed.

If you’re looking for affordable, high quality aluminium that will be versatile and easily machinable, Aerocom has you covered. You’ve got a lot of choices, with different strengths and properties to suit any use. This lightweight, strong metal has so many benefits that make it great for use in many industries.

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by Paul Smith

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